Experience the best Breakfast in Green Lake

The second “B” of our B&B is an important part of the guest experience at our inn.  We strive to serve the best breakfast in Green Lake each morning.

Begin your day with a hot coffee or tea, available in the foyer area 24 hours a day.

Our breakfasts are cooked using fresh ingredients, locally sourced and seasonal when possible. We like to discover any culinary preferences or allergies you have when you book so we can do our best to accommodate them.

Photo Tour of the Best Breakfast in Green Lake, Wisconsin

We serve coffee and tea as well as orange juice with each breakfast. Over the years we have collected and created a large variety of recipes to serve our guests. The main entrée could be a bacon and wild rice quiche, a veggie frittata or French toast with a decadent rum banana/caramel sauce.  We enjoy being creative with our entrees and fruit dishes.  We serve a variety of pastries as well from scones, muffins, coffee cakes and breads and often have a side of seasoned potatoes or meat to accompany the entrée.  Every day it is our pleasure to indulge our guests with delicious and creative combinations.delicaciesDelicacies